AMG GT Black Series Full Review + Best GT Exhaust System!

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AMG GT Black Series Full Review + Best GT Exhaust System!
Today is the Mega Review of the #MercedesAMG GT Black Series! i’ll share with you my 3 year experience of living with my #AMGGT Black, and how I fixed that exhaust to make it one of the most motorsport sounding AMGs ever, and how you can do the same to any AMG GT!

We will also go over the full history of #AMG Black Series, starting from the CLK DTM, to the first black in the SLK 55 Black. And then the better known cars, CLK Black, C63 Black, SL65 and the SLS!

Despite of the success of some of these later cars, none of them broke records or really out-and-out dominated their class in any concrete real world metric. But they all certainly stand out vs rivals as the most desirable of their time in terms of pure emotion.

The GT black is the complete opposite of this formula. It’s achieved the accolades, but does it with far less emotion.

The Black is a whole new beast vs the GT R, in every way. It has a wider body than the R, with a full Carbon bonnet, front wings, a crazy carbon boot, and the biggest wing in AMGs history. Despite this, it’s 35KG lighter than the GT R.

The rear wing is insane, along with its Active element it provides Maximum downforce of 400kg at 155mph, or 800kg at vmax!!

But the big change vs other GTs is the engine. The power plan is still related to the GT R engine, the code M178 BS uses the same numbers albeit with Black Series Designation. But it truly is all new.

Instead of a cross plane crank shaft, we have a flat plane one, thus making the engine more responsive. But it does fire two pistons at the same time, hence the issue with a 4 cylinder like sound! This plus other changes allows it to make 730BHP, 800NM, 0-60 of 3.1 seconds!

Gearbox is a super development. Fastest shift times of any amg in history too. The Mount is made of coiled carbon fibre - and we will take a look at this and all the other the other chassis changes to the car in the video.

Finally, the thin wall steel Exhaust system. The most disappointing bit, so I’ll show you what it used to sound like, and what it now sounds like thanks to GAD tuning and Supersprint!

After this, I’ll go on a full drive to review the car, which we’ve never done on the channel!

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